• Emotional Alchemy (alchemic healing) is the art of emotional science that utilizes the power & process of ​the imagination to psychologically reimprint trauma, everyday drama, negative memories & limiting beliefs. The practice of emotional alchemy on a regular basis will create positive exponential soul growth that cannot be achieved any other way. Abba calls Alchemy the Highest form of Magic, because of its truly life-changing effects. 

  • A Prophetic Channel (Prophet) is one who directly channels The Words of God and/or The Words of any Spiritual Master in The Ascended Army  

  • A Psychic Medium is an Earthly representative and interpreter, if you will, who conveys messages for souls who have crossed over.

    • Note~ any individual practicing Mediumship should first be connected to and working with their Primary Spirit Guide /Gatekeeper.

  • A Medical Intuitive is anyone who uses their Psychic and or Prophetic ability to read the biology of the body in order to identify the root cause of physical dysfunction.​ There is always an emotional cause, a spiritual cause, and a biological cause. All three must be addressed for complete and radical healing to occur.

  • A Prophetic Therapist is one who relies solely on Divine Direction throughout the session. No particular modality, training, therapy, or intention is applied. It's a little like four-wheeling off-road, with the top down, through the subconscious mind.

  • PastLife Regression can be part of any session and often comes in organically - which is the best way. We are given glimpses of lives past, & often trauma is highlighted. Past life information can be very seductive and easy to get lost in. Abigail has a no-nonsense style of delivering past life messages. This is by design so that the main focus stays on the most important part of your journey, TheNow.

  • A Psychic Investigator uses their Psychic and/or Prophetic​ abilities to channel-specific details about a crime - who, what, when, where. This individual would employ remote viewing & sensory recall as well as psychically interviewing the victim or victims involved.  Ideally, a Psychic Investigator would work heavily with Evidentiary Mediumship. 

  • Evidentiary Mediumship is the art and science of Zero Probability. Bringing indisputable evidentiary facts forth from thin air. Someone who can recall things about a person or an event that they could not possibly have known. To qualify as Psychic Evidence, the fact in question must be provable.

  • Connecting With Loved Ones is always possible, however I am called to work as a  healer first, not a Medium. Which means sometimes Spirit wants you to forgive your mother before they'll let you talk to your might need 3 sessions. Just sayin...

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