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Abigail Noël

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Demanding Justice From The Other Side:

The Murder of Lorenzen Wright

The Murder of Prince Rogers Nelson:

A Psychic Investigation with Abigail Noël


Abigail Noël

The Healer

"The work that Abigail is doing here on the planet is some of the most important work being done."

Dr. Jane Abraham, HART Center


Kind & Compassionate, QuirkyStraightShooter


Say hello to Abigail Noël,  the founder of J Project Ministries, & The Lost Angel Project.

She is an Emotional Alchemist, Prophetic Channel,  Psychic Medium,

Medical Intuitive, Prophetic Therapist, PastLife Regressionist, Psychic Investigator, Activist... Comedian & Mother.


She is an out of the box visionary with a true passion for people and the art of alchemical healing. Her work as a Psychic Therapist began in 2009 when she was introduced to the LifeLine Technique. After completing intensive studies under the tutelage of Dr. Darren Weissman, it's developer, Abigail began in private practice as a Prophetic Healer & Therapist, in October of 2010.  

In addition to intensive study with Dr. Darren Weissman, Abigail's formal training includes; two, year-long internships at The Healing Arts Research Training (HART) Center, in Memphis, TN, where she studied under Dr. Jane Abraham, LSW & Addiction Specialist.  

And from 2011-2013, Abigail's natural acuity for the art of medical intuition and her remarkable ability to read and understand the biological workings of the human body led her to The Stone Institute, where she worked for almost two years with renown professor and toxicologist, Kevin S Merigian. 

A Certified  LifeLine Practitioner, hypnotist, ThetaHealer & Past Life Regressionist, Abigail is also a licensed Massage Therapist & a Reiki Master.  A session with Abigail is kind of like Howard Stern meets Dr. Ruth: she is out of the box, shockingly direct & brutally honest with a quirky sense of humor - and a very keen ability to get right to the Heart of the matter.






























Memphis based, but Northern California born, Abigail often calls the road home..


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J Project Ministries
Lost Angel Project

Abigail Noël

The Psychic Investigator


FiercelyDetermined, TenaciouslyInquisitive,  HeavyHitter, NeverAQuiter   

Abigail's journey as a Psychic Investigator began on July 28th, 2010, the day that slain NBA's star, Lorenzen Wright's body was found in a wooded area (Callis Cutoff) in southeast Memphis. Her prophetic details of the brutal murder have all been proven 100% accurate, earning her the respect of criminal justice professionals nationwide.


Over a decade later, Abigail Abigail has been employed by private clients to work on over 100 cold cases and has conducted One-on-One sessions with over 1000 clients. Testimonials from these clients (such as Savia Archie & Deborah Marion, Sister & Mother to Lorenzen Wright), interviews, and video documentation provide proof of her accuracy in over 90% of her casework and individual sessions. 

"I met Abigail after the murder of my brother, Lorenzen Wright.  No one has been more dedicated or worked harder to fight for his justice than Abigail.  She has never wavered even though it took nine years to find out that she was 100 percent right all along. If Law Enforcement had listened to her, we would have had justice in 2011. Instead, we still do not have full justice today.  I want to see all guilty parties charged for my brother's murder and because I know that Abigail won't quit, I know we will get justice."   

Savia Archie, Lorenzen Wright's sister

Abigail Noël

The Activist

Intelligent, Kind, Funny & Fierce...

Abigail's journey as an activist began in April 2016, with her work on the murder of Prince Rogers Nelson.  Over 95% of the psychic details she has provided in Prince's case have been proven as accurate. 

" I didn't know what to do, I have never considered myself an activist... I just knew that I had to do something, so we did."    Abigail Noël

Since the murder of Prince in 2016, Abigail and other J Project founding partners have organized 14 rallies for Justice in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. 

She is the founder of J Project, a human rights & justice ministry, whose primary objective is to conclusively prove prophetic & psychic communication with God, through the pursuit of justice in cold cases. 

Abigail's track record for psychic accuracy is over 95%, making her the most accurate evidentiary psychic and prophetic channel in history. 

For more information on the murder of Prince Rogers Nelson & Abigail's work on the case go to  and watch the video documentation below. Please show your support by signing the petition, and making a monthly pledge to help us with this fight.

J Project's second objective is to free the world from tyranny by exposing corruption in the entertainment industry and our American political system. Many of us are now awake and aware of the truth. We know that an oligarchy or shadow government is pulling most of the strings on the planet. Political leaders and entertainers are no more than puppets used to manipulate and lie to the public.  WE are involuntarily slaves to their corporate, monetized system. J Project will fight for Truth and Justice wherever necessary. Where there is corruption and loss of personal freedom there we will be.

 For more information on J Project & the fight for Freedom from Tyranny,  go to

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Abigail Noël

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