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We Already Know There Are "Thieves In The Temple".

Prince's battle with WarnerRecords was certainly one of the industry's more public disputes. Prince was a "MARKED" man from the day he began the fight to own his intellectual property/music rights. Stolen through legal loopholes, WarnerMusic went so far as to claim the rights to Prince's personal image and his birth name.

Dodging sharks in the industryBut far more disappointing to Prince, were all the "rats and the snakes" inside Paisley Park. 


Those were the exact words channeled to me on April 23, 2016, less than 48 hours after the murder of PrinceRogersNelson,

"rats and snakes"  "inside Paisley Park"


Prince explained to me that it was always hard to know who he could trust and those that he did feel he could trust, he could count on one hand. It made him sad, he explained, how easily most people are bought and sold. Many of those closest to Prince felt somehow entitled, like Prince owed them just because he had so much. This made Prince a relatively easy target. What they didn't count on was how smart and  spiritually connected he was and Prince was on to them...  Let's not forget the post on Twitter about the soup. The soup made by Ray and Juelle' Roberts that was served on the plane while flying home from Atlanta on April 14, 2016.  The Moline, "overdose" was a staged event to prepare the public for  Prince's death the industry's (illuminati's) narrative that he overdosed. Ray and Juelle' Roberts intentionally "dosed" the soup with  Fentanyl that night...

Just like Ray Roberts "dosed" the fresh juice tonic that he admitted to making for Prince the night he died... Just like I said on April 23, less than 48 hours after Prince died.

We know that in the months before his murder, Prince confided on more than one occasion to Kim Berry, his long time hair dresser, that he was starting to suspect his chefs, Ray and Juelle' Roberts of poisoning him via his food.

He also expressed this to several other friends and even recounted that while on a three week trip to  California, one in which he intentionally did not take Ray or Juelle' with him...  that he very clearly noted feeling better during this time and that the "flu like" symptoms he had been experiencing seemed to be waning.

I never forget a channeled reading and I clearly remember the first three things that Prince told me on April 23, 2016. First I felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal and as I tapped into this emotion, Prince showed me his sister, and he showed his chef. At the time, I only understood one individual as his chef. It's important to note that Prince clearly placed more culpability for his murder upon Juelle' Roberts, even though it was Ray Roberts who delivered the fatal dose to Prince via the fresh juice tonic that he admitted to making Prince the night he died.  I believe that Juelle' was more of an orchestrator than Ray and that Ray only took over her duties in the last six months prior to Prince's nefarious departure as Juelle' Roberts had already been banned from Paisley Park. Prince told me that she had been banned because he caught her in his private areas, ie; his bedroom. (the white room)  Prince had particular areas in Paisley Park that were off limits except to him. He also had cameras and sound devices throughout PP that almost no one knew about.

Prince explained to me that his sister Tyka was working as a "spy" and "facilitator" of sorts for WarnerRecords. He went on to explain that Tyka would receive what is called a "Golden Parachute" its like a package of favors & gigs.... I was even shown and I accurately predicted that Tyka would be given a reality TV show, but it would bomb before take off... Uh, that happened.  And, I predicted it in 2016 a few weeks after the murder. How did I know? 

Just like, How Did I Know, that Prince had not eaten since early breakfast, one he made for himself and that the dinner made for him by the Roberts would be found in the refrigerator untouched. I made that public and it was witnessed by many in person, on April 23, 2016. How did I know that? 

I was also shown that same day, during my first conversation with Prince and The Father, that Ray and Juelle' Roberts had been lacing Prince's food and beverages with small bits of arsenic. This was to foster the story line that Prince's health was ailing. Let's not forget that the National Enquirer tried to sell us a load of crap by telling us that Prince had aids. The autopsy proves otherwise. The illuminati own and use the media to control the narrative... THEY LIE... ALL THE TIME. Media is used to manipulate and/or destroy the reputation of these entertainers. 

I have personally appealed 2 the CarverCountySheriff'sDept, the FBI, the BCA, the DistrictAttorney, Mr. Mark Metz and the governor's office. Most of these agencies and/or individuals were approached on more than one occasion. Each time, the PsychicEvidence was offered.

By law Charles (Chazz) Smith has the power through familiar relationship 2 request and in essence authorize an arsenic test be preformed on Prince's remains.

My questions are; Why hasn't he already done this? Why wouldn't Chazz want every stone turned? For that matter, why didn't the Carver County Sheriff's Departmentt perform this simple test 2 see if Prince was being poisoned?