Abigail Noël

Private Sessions & What to Expect

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The Howard Stern Of Spirituality Meets Dr. Ruth

Abigail's her name & Alchemy's her game. Emotional Alchemy, that is. 


Alchemy is the practice of flipping your shit like a purple pancake as fast as spiritually possible.


It might be a bumpy ride...so hold onto your drawers and here we go!

A session with Abigail is like forging through your emotional jungle with a machete...and she's better than Laura Croft.

Sarah Connor meets The Medium as Abigail helps guide you through past lives, Divine Plans, deep healing or contacting your loved ones on the other side. 

If you're truly ready to Fly High, book your session below.

"I do not believe in "psychics,"

We are all psychic if we choose to trust, be brave and learn to stay present.  

Divine Guidance is not just possible for some,

it was meant to be available for us all"

Abigail Noël

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