A Psychic Account of Murder: Volume 1, Story 3

The Keddie Murders

Glenna Susan
"Sue" Sharp 
John Steven
Tina Lynn Sharp
Dana Hall

Almost 40 years have passed and this quadruple homicide remains unsolved. Glenna "Sue" Sharp, 36; her son John, 15; and John's friend Dana Wingate, 17; were all viciously slain on the evening of April 11, 1981.  Sue's twelve-year-old daughter Tina was missing from the scene. Tina's remains were discovered exactly 3 years later in a remote campsite approximately 100 miles from where she was taken. 

In every case that I am called to work, I learn something new about life, about death, about myself & about God

This case taught me how God can Love a serial killer... and in that process, I came to a Deeper Understanding of just how much God Loves Us All

Cold case investigators are convinced that two men, Martin Smart and his friend, John Boubede are responsible. Both men lived next door to Sue Sharp and her children at the time. There is much speculation in this case; their theory is based on a missing hammer and a letter written by Martin that is perceived to be a confession. 


However, there is no solid evidence to support this theory.

That is because it simply isn't true. 

The killers' identities were revealed to me in 2013. I have reported this information to cold case investigators both times the case was re-opened. They refused to follow the lead. The Keddie murders were a random crime at the hands of one of the most infamous serial killers in history, Richard Ramirez, aka The Night Stalker and a man named, Jimmy Johnson, whom I believe to be a cousin . 


And now, I invite you on a journey... what you are

about to read is my personal psychic account

of the Keddie Murders.

It was a crisp but sunny November day in 2013.  I was driving east on Highway 70 through the scenic Feather River Canyon.  It's a breathtakingly beautiful but eerie drive through the Sierra-Nevada landscape.  I am on my way to the remote mountain community called Keddie and the location where Cabin 28 once stood. The cabin that Sue Sharp and her five children called home. The place where Sue Sharp, 36; her son John, 15; and his friend Dana Wingate, 17; were viciously taunted for hours and then violently murdered.  Sue's daughter Tina, 12; witnessed it all before she was then taken from the scene by one of the two killers. Her fate was far worse than that of her mother, brother, and Dana. Tina's remains were found exactly three years to the day of the murders, approximately 100 miles from where she was taken,  in a Butte County campsite, #19.  

As I followed the winding two-lane highway I could feel the psychic energy building the closer I came to my destination. My senses are heightened, I am calm, but alert, adrenaline pulsing like pins and needles; I am meeting seven other healers at the site. (the other parties involved wish to remain anonymous)  I had been to Keddie once before, eight years earlier. God asked me to go, and while I was there He explained to me that I would need to go back one day to ground and clear the energy at the site so that He could get the victims back Home.  The lower density imprint left behind at the scene needed to be raised so that the souls of Sue, John, Dana, and Tina could elevate out of the third dimension. Because of the extreme and prolonged trauma involved in their deaths, their souls were not able to vibrate as high as it is necessary to enter the next dimension. This means that both earthly and Heavenly intercession is necessary; grounding, clearing, and psychic communication is needed. This is called Soul Retrieval work and it is my favorite work out of all that I do. Soul Retrieval is the hardest work, but as it goes, it is also the most rewarding, in the saddest ways.

I see the sign for Keddie ahead on the highway, my consciousness is now noticeably heightened. AS I slow down to make a left hand turn into the mountain community, I am pulled by Spirit to another place. I am back in time, I see a Trans Am, I believe it is black, ACDC is playing on the radio, I smell the odor of cigarettes and I see two men in a car. There are two young boys in the back seat, the boys are uneasy, they were hitchhiking home and they took this ride. I am now shown the face of the man in the passenger seat and without any doubt whatsoever, I know that the person I am seeing is Richard Ramirez, the infamous serial killer known as The Night Stalker.  The man driving has shorter hair and a mustache, I was given the name Jimmy Johnson and I was shown that he was from grass valley, a Northern California











I had known for some time that I would be asked to go back to Keddie. Father God, whom I call Dad,  took me to Keddie 8 years prior and explained that one day He would need me to ground energy there, so that He could get the victims back Home.

In November 2013, a Holistic Healing Center in Chester, CA invited me to come and speak. Chester is a quaint, (population 2,144) and picturesque lakeside community in the Almanor Basin and is located just 25 miles from the Keddie community and this very brutal crime took place.  Upon arriving at the Healing Center I mentioned Keddie very randomly and out of blue to one of the center's owners. She didn't find it odd or shocking, quite the contrary, in fact, she had also been waiting for the right time to do this work and with one phone call, we had 8 healers ready to assist in the grounding and clearing of the scene. (please note that the other parties who participated wish to remain anonymous)

Three days later, we all met at a mutual location and then caravaned to Keddie. What happened I could never make up. 

As I got closer and closer to Keddie that day I could feel the psychic energy building. My consciousness was noticeably heightened and as I crossed one of the many bridges along the route, I heard Father God tell me to stay "in the zone" (with Him), that the killers' identities would be revealed to me that day. I work directly with The Father on all my cases and sessions. He is my Teacher, my Boss, and my Coach when I work. He is my Everything and my All outside of that. 


I saw the sign for Keddie, I put on my blinker and slowed down to make the left turn that takes down a 

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