Welcome 2 RebelHeartsMysterySchool... 

This is a Registration Platform, not a one time class. Regular Classes/Portals are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:33am CST. The focus on those days is Emotional/Energetic clearing paired with FearFacing and Prophetic guidance 2 move U towards Ur Destiny. Fear keeps most of us from attaining the goals, both emotional/energetic/spiritual and 3D, that we were born 2 the planet 2 achieve. Most people find comfort in complacency... if U r HERE, that's not U. 


RebelHeartsMysterySchool is 4 the Rebel, The Seeker, The Warrior and The Child in Ur Heart. U r here 2 be Limitless, Full of Potential, Fearless & Free... with God's Divine direction we wake 2 Who we Came Here 2 Be. We must Feel 2 Heal and Clear 2 Hear... Tuesday & Thursday portals will keep Ur Vibe High, Ur Heart Clear & Ur Head in Alignment with God's Plans 4U!


In addition 2 Tues/Thurs... I (Abigail) will host from 1-3 "PopUp Classes" a week (join our text club 4 notifications)... some of the topics covered; Understanding The Signs/Dialogue, The Language of Numbers, TwinHeartTalks, PastLife Teaching/Readings, Connecting With LovedOnesOnTheOtherSide, Communicating With Animals/Nature, Ways 2 Stay Connected, Understanding The Afterlife and MoreMoreMore...  


To Become A Member of The RebelHeartsMysterySchool a minimum monthly donation of at least $4.44 is requested.


The regular fee is $11.11 and has been for almost 5 years now. Some of U are already donating that or more a month 2 JProject/Justice4Prince. If that is U... there is no need 2 register, U should already be a Member. If 4 any reason U have not been added 2 the private group page on FB, please email me at abigailnoel8@gmail.com, I will add U promptly.


The donations from RebelHeartsMysterySchool will keep this ministry and our Justice work going... the $4.44 monthly offer 2 join is only be offered 2 those of U who recieved this link. If U recieved the link, then it means that I appreciate U more than U know...


Those of U who chose 2 join will Always be considered CORE SUPPORTERS.  In 5 years... some of U longer, U r all here still supporting JProject/Justice4Prince, and when I say support, I dont just mean money...


Yes, we need money 2 keep going... we r all in that boat, but if U recieved the link 4 this page and an invite 2 join the RebelHeartsMysterySchool, that means U have also been TrueBlue and Unconditional... and that can only mean, That U Hear God Too... and I cannot express 2 U ALL how much Ur bravery and Love has meant to me on this incrediblt hard but incredibly beautiful journey 4 Justice.


In Closing, I want 2 C Us All connected and supporting when God brings Justice 4 Prince. RebelHeartsMysterySchool is most importantly a virtual address where we can All meet... Justice Is Coming Soon! I want Us All 2gether when It happens.


In so many ways, this will be the most epic event in any of our lives... think about it. 


Hope 2 CU All in Class... Im back, and it feels like I am just getting started. 

FierceLove2U All... StayWildStayFree,

Abigail Noel